Mindesign, based in Athens, was founded in 2009 by Yolanda PiKasi, Civil Engineer and Vicky Tsolakidou, Architect. The office works with projects of different scales, approaching each project sensitively in the context of its own circumstances and needs.

Our aim is to create unique projects with a distinct identity. Characteristics such as the natural and urban environment, the climate but above all people and their needs are the driving forces behind the planning process.

The main idea of each project is developed through research and analysis of the requirements of the project in combination with the specificities of the building. From the concept stage to the completion of the design, the project continues to evolve during an intense and dynamic process until the final result reaches the ideal for the client.

Our office undertakes the transformation of every architectural proposal into reality, through construction. Our experience in supervising any scale of project guarantees the result of the construction. Our goal is to follow each project closely at every stage from the initial design concept to its completion. The final result is a complete building, a unique result that is ultimately the translation of the idea into a structured form.



Yolanda Pikasi graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of NTUA in 2006. Since then he has been working in the field of private construction as a private engineer. Since 2009 she is co-founder of Mindesign and since then she has undertaken the design and supervision of projects of all scales.


Vicky Tsolakidou graduated from the Architecture Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2007. Since her student years and after graduation, she has worked in architectural offices in Thessaloniki and Athens. In 2009 he met with Yolanda Picasi and founded Mindesign. Since then he has undertaken the design and supervision of projects of all scales.


Evi Papageorgiou is an Architect and has completed her studies at the NTUA. Since 2013 she has been active in the construction sector and deals with architectural studies for building permits, interior design, the regulation of unauthorized buildings, Electronic Property Identity etc.


- Architectural Study
- Supervision
- Construction